In 2008, the American Psychological Society mentioned a study published in the Health Care for Women International. In it, it was indicated that menopausal women are associated with more negative words than women in other age groups. Part of the connotation is based on the cultural belief that menopause is something to be ashamed of.

The study confirms what many females have known: dealing with menopause can be a tough time for a lot of women. Menopausal women do not just have to contend with the physical changes, but there is also an emotional consequence as well. Hormonal changes and the attitudes of others can make it a daunting phase in life.

Attitude Adjustment

One of the most important ways to increase confidence is to correct misconceptions about being older. Women of age are thought to be forgetful and less responsive to brain stimuli. However, a study in cognitive development by the University of Washington found that middle-aged women do not experience a cognitive decline. In fact, some women show improvements in their cognitive functions. Confidence can be also be achieved by reframing the thoughts associated with menopause. For example, one of the effects of menopause is weight gain. But, dissatisfaction with the body can occur at any age. It cannot be attributed to being of age. With such a shift in thinking, it is easier to make changes in lifestyle.

External Care

Dealing with menopause can be a tough time for a lot of women but taking care of the body is a way to increase confidence. There is scientific evidence that one of the benefits of regular exercise is that it improves self-esteem. A healthy diet can also help boost confidence by managing weight and ensuring that all the necessary nutrient needs are met.

Women should take a proactive stance towards feeling and look their best at their age. Appearances should not be dismissed as frivolous because wanting to look good is a big part of confidence. If a new outfit helps you feel better, then go for it. If new lingerie makes you feel good, then it is necessary. To increase confidence, eat well, exercise, and prioritize your needs.

Fortunately, there have been great strides taken when it comes to menopause. Society is becoming more forgiving of aging. It can be seen in fashion, with senior women like Daphne Selfe and Carmen Dell’Orefice, being signed as models for luxury brands. In 2018, a Russian modeling agency called Oldushka was created specifically for older models. No one under the age of 45 is part of its roster. With society’s attitudes changing on aging and more opportunities to practice self-care, the time is ripe for women of age to feel confident and be their best selves.


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