Shopping for lingerie should be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can be frustrating when you don't know where to start. With different cuts and styles, lingerie can flatter or hide different parts of your body. Since each body is different, there’s no single lingerie set that makes everyone feel sexy. So you have to focus on your favorite features and choose pieces to show them off.

Ultimately, you want to feel confident and sexy in your lingerie, and we want to help you get there. Here’s a guide to shopping for lingerie and choosing pieces that flaunt your favorite features.

1. For the Hourglass Shape

If your body is shaped something like an hourglass, then you may want to wear pieces that emphasize the definition of your waist. Go for something  like a matching bra and panty set or a corset, as it will bring attention to your natural curves. Anything that hugs your waist will make you feel bold, powerful, and feminine.

2. For Prominent Thighs

If your thighs are one of your favorite features, then dress them up with accessories! For example, add an extra layer of sensuality to a bra and panty set with a sizzling-hot garter belt and stockings to bring on the drama. This will draw the attention toward your legs and thighs, which gives them the ultimate sexy look.

3. For a Large Bust

Don't be afraid to show them off. If you have a prominent bust, then think sheer—like a lacy or mesh bra. If you're feeling a little mischievous, then you can also go for a push up bra that will hug and emphasize your chest.

4. For the Slender Torso

If you have a slender and lean look, then embrace it with a slip or chemise. Choose blush or cream shades for a sweet look or go for cherry red or black for a look that's a bit more edgy and sleek. Choose pieces with lace embellishments that are partially sheer to kick the classic elegance up a notch.

Remember: Confidence is Sexy

Of course, you should always wear whatever you want—regardless of your body type. Confidence is sexy, and lingerie is just a fun and flirty way to give you a boost. As you continue to find pieces you feel sexy in, here's some more advice for building your lingerie wardrobe. There's flattering lingerie out there for everyone.

Ready to get shopping? Browse Luxury’s selection of Sexy-Time Lingerie or take a look at our Bring Me Your Boobs Blog for more tips.