Lip gloss is a subtle, moisturizing cosmetic product that you can use to make your smile scintillating. Unlike many lipsticks, lip gloss adds luster to your lip color. In addition to making your lip pigment look lustrous, gloss can also make your teeth look whiter and brighter. Gloss is a great option to complement your smile.

Choices to Complement Your Pearly Whites


Neutral colors are ideal for school or the workplace. They mimic your natural lip color, so they are perfect for adding shine to your smile while maintaining your natural look. Examples of neutral colors are tans, browns, flesh-toned corals, and extremely light pinks. The best way to know what the most neutral color would be for you is to think of the color your cheeks naturally turn when you exercise.


Pink symbolizes femininity, youth, and beauty; therefore, it is a perfect color to complement your smile. Some makeup artists will say that certain skin tones should avoid pink lip colors. The reality is that any women can wear any lip color as long as they find the right tone. Pink colors range from neutral to magenta. Fairer skin tones should opt for lighter pink lip glosses, and darker skin tones can pull off more exciting shades. Finding the right pink for your skin tone will make your smile glow.

Dramatic Red

Dramatic red makes pearly white teeth stand out because it provides a drastic contrast. Keep in mind that it is imperative to ensure that your teeth look healthy and damage-free because the dramatic red lip color will emphasize stains and damage.

If you are self-conscious about your teeth, remember that dentists can perform restorative and cosmetic services in addition to standard cleanings. You may be surprised by what a dental visit can do when it comes to making you feel more confident when flashing your smile. When applied correctly, red shades can make your teeth look up to two shades whiter.


Coral lip colors can range from neutral to vivid. You should opt for cool-toned corals to make your teeth look whiter. Warmer coral tones may emphasize the yellow more than the white.


You should choose a plum lip color that has pink undertones to make your teeth look whiter. Plum lip colors are stunning for the fall and winter. Plum lip colors compliment olive complexions.

Light Up Your Smile

Lip gloss is an excellent cosmetic product because it moisturizes, adds color, and makes teeth look whiter. It works great when worn alone, but it is also great for adding shine to a lipstick. Many people disdain gloss because it does not last long. Wearing lip gloss over lip liner, matte lipstick, or concealer can combat that problem. Regardless of the lip color that you choose, make sure it brings out the best in your smile.

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